Free I CHING reading

Welcome to the virtual version of the I Ching or Oracle of Changes . The more important thing, is that we must take their answers seriously , trying to think of every word, even though in principle they may seem rare or little related to our query. If we want to consult the oracle about work problems, it would be a mistake to ask: " Should I do this or that? "; It is convenient to split the question in two : " Is it okay to do this ? " and then : " Is it okay to do that? " and confront both responses. Following, Throw the coins six times. Remember to focus on what you want to know before throwing them
The I Ching offers deep advice in order to act in such a way, that we can face the future in the best possible conditions. The final decision is ours; so we keep on being responsible for our ultimate destiny. This oracle of the I- Ching speaks to us in a figurative and poetic language, referring to the exact answer about what we ask or about that the oracle wants to tell us. It's one of the more ancients consultation oracular methods there are. Its purpose is to reflect changes that constantly operate at all levels in the universe.