The philosophy of the Celtic Tarot is based on mythology of gods and nature. Trees and forests were their world. Like all Oracles, it can be used in different situations, to inspire us when facing some problem, trying to figure out what's the best way to behave in front of a given situation, as a guide, or as comfort. Following select 10 Celtic Tarot Tarot cards that later will be interpreted giving you the meaning of the spread. So... remember to focus on what you need to know at the moment of laying the cards out.
The Celtic Cross is one of the more used Tarot spreads by Tarot readers, but one of the more complex cards to be interpreted. Even though the great majority of beginners use the Celtic Cross to learn to lay out the Tarot, it requires a more deep knowledge of the different positions and inter-relations through these positions in order to obtain the maximum value on the readings .

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