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The I-Ching, or Book of Changes, one of the most revered oracles in human civilization. It has lighted the path of Its believers for more than three thousand years and it is considered as both, a purely source of wisdom and a fortune telling or oracle book. As a sapient work, it is a source of wisdom for one's life ; as an oracle, the perfect key to find harmony: a foolproof compass for the proper guidance. Ying and Yang permutations are represented in the I-Ching by the interaction of detached lines in Yin(- -) and joined lines in Yang (---). They are used to form eight figures of three lines each called trigrams.
These lines interchange to build up 64 figures of six lines each called hexagrams. The complete version of the I-Ching has a different interpretation of each hexagram and it also gives a different reading to each individual line, according to the personal situation of the consulting and advised person. An important thing to be noticed for the interpretation
Think about your question and consult the oracle. write down notes about the advice you'll find in the chart of results. You should make out the answer the best way you understand it and take brief notes of your ideas. Be as accurate as you can with your questions; the vaguest the question, the most indefinite the answer. try to be specific. Once the situation has been solved, get back to your notes. Then you could give a second thought to your interpretation. If you don't find any valuable significance in a given answer at the moment, remember that you will be limited by your own expectations. It is possible later on, that you realize that an unexpected result makes perfect sense.


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